Coming soon to the UK

Flavourpitch is an online marketplace dedicated to the food and drink industry where local and independent producers can sell their goods in one place. Our pitchers (that’s what we call our merchants) will engage with you and tell you their journey, keep you up to speed with new projects and daily events with posts on their pitcher’s page. You will be able to support your local community, browse our seasonal articles and recipes, and leave reviews on your favourites. These guys are good and love what they do.

At flavourpitch we aim to make it easy for our pitchers so you can focus on what you do best, with support available. You’ll be part of a new exciting platform that will help your online presence. You may be already established or just starting out, perhaps a professional chef or a home cook who has a winning recipe. Either way: see us as a creative channel to engage with new and existing customers.

In the meantime, while we’re putting the final touches to our website, click on our flavourpitch playlist. As we say here at FP headquarters – let’s cook, grab a drink, and play some tunes.

Keep pitchin’!

The flavourpitch team